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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Today I decided to run on the treadmill at lunch.  It's the first time I've been able to run all week. I managed to run at a 5.0 and incline of 2, which is running for me! I wish I could have run for much longer, but given it was over the lunch hour and I didn't want to stink at my desk, I only did a total of 30 mins, walking and running.

I titled this post "Decisions, decisions" since there are so many things we don't seem to have control of, but we have to decide for ourselves what is best. I can't let decisions negatively affect my children.  But I seem to be more of the mommy martyr that will let my decisions negatively affect me.  I'm trying to change that and focus on my health.

In about 8 days now, I'll be doing the obstacle course, and my friends I was hoping could do it, will not be there now. I'm bummed, but determined to complete the course, and hopefully can do it in less than an hour! I'm not quite ready, but now I'm focused.

I know everyday we make choices and we decide our actions.  Today I'm celebrating my decision to finally run this week and feel good about it!  Tomorrow is a new day, more decisions to be made and hopefully more running.


  1. I saw your post about the event on our pack FB page! If I was local I would be interested in doing that too! Best of luck to you! Cheering from Florida!


  2. Decisions... they definitely aren't easy. All you can do is forge ahead and hope you make the right ones (it sounds like you are:-)