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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Who blogs on their birthday?! OH, me!

I have been reflecting on life in the last year. I've definitely had, what I would consider, more than my fair share of stress.  And that has surely been reflected in my health, physically and mentally.

Despite the stress, I really wanted to get back to running for "fun", like I did in college as a stress relief.  I would love to have my college body back too, but 2 kids later, I'm not sure that will ever happen!  I did notice that when I would read up on running and talk about it with friends, I would be more motivated to try.  And I'm determined to keep up the motivation to finish a race in October, a 10K and then see where this journey takes me.  I'm not getting any younger, and I definitely want to be a good example for my kids.

So what do I wish for this next year? Well, I think you're not supposed to tell your wishes because they won't come true.  But I think writing them out is more confirmation than anything.

1) I wish to lose the 60 - 70 pounds that I'm "supposed to".  What this really means for me is not the number on the scale, but the fit of clothes and what I am able to do physically. I do realize this may take more than a year.  I've been doing Weight Watchers and have a WW scale at home too.

2) Get my kids involved in an activity, whether a sport or something else. My youngest will be 4 soon and is a smart cookie! I strive to make sure that they will be successful and healthy.

3) Take more ME time.  I'm the mommy martyr. I will ALWAYS put my children first. I know mothers who are so selfish and never do anything with their kids, never make them a priority, need a man to make them happy and take care of them, use their kids as an extra paycheck with child support payments... I could go on and on.  But I know that when I take care of me, I'm taking care of my kids. I have a hard time putting words into action, when it comes to me.  Blogging seems to help.

Saturday is the Go Commando 5K obstacle course and I am as ready as I'll be!  I'm excited to beat my last time and just have a fun time too!  And drink beer and get mud hosed off by hot fire fighters!  And challenge my body proving it can handle the challenge.

33 is going to be a good year!!


  1. Great goals... I there with ya on getting healthy, not so much on the running but I'll be there to support ya where I can:-)

  2. Happy Birthday, again! You're going to have a fabulous year!