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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Finally! My car has been found, and we have it back home. I would never wish this nightmare on anyone! We've learned lessons and know to be more vigilant in many aspects of our life!

This week I realized, I have a little more than 2 weeks until the Go Commando (not naked people!) 5K obstacle course on June 25th. My wave time is 10am.  At this point, I am so not ready!  I haven't run for over a week.  I had a lousy 5K time on Memorial Day!  I haven't done any workout videos to do any cross-training!!

I had a ton of fun at the last Go Commando! You'll have to check out my pics on facebook!  And I plan on having fun again, but I really want to be able to RUN at this one!

So starting tomorrow (right?) I'll be on the dreadmill at work (aka, Marge) and I'll get in some hill intervals and maybe some sprints?  I really feel off in having not run for this brief amount of time.

And if anyone has some suggestions on how a mommy with a working husband and 3 kids at home, is able to also workout at home, please share! I have the mommy martyr syndrome where I feel compelled to devote all my time to my family, and less of a focus on me.  I am trying hard to overcome it, but have definitely retreated to my old ways. I know what I should be doing, but it's definitely so not easy!  I can dish out the advice, but at this moment, I sure have a hard time following it!


  1. Samien ~

    Congratulations!! That is an awesome commitment to do one race a month!

    One of the things that I was thinking about in terms of you taking time to work out is just remember that when you take care of you, you are modeling that behavior for them... when you make healthy choices and devote time to making sure you are taken care of you have more energy and commitment to take care of them too :). Hard to do, but so important, and I think remembering it is all a balance, and sometimes things balance really well and sometimes they get a little off kilter, as long as you keep coming back that is all that matters!

  2. Give Marge the beat down we know she deserves. You got this , Samien!

  3. Erica is right! You doing the healthy thing teaches your kids cause look... you've already had them in the kiddie races & from the sounds of it they liked it! Heck, when I watched them the one day Carter asked me if I could walk faster so they could get to the park and I was like... 'ummmm, this is as fast as I can go!'... how sad is that?? LOL! How you do that? Man, I find it hard to do myself and I don't have kids to take care of so I'm not sure how you balance it all. Maybe go on runs where they run along with you sometimes, or do little workouts where they can join in for a while and then maybe they can give you a little time for you to do a little on your own while they watch a show or movie?? Hmmm, they are very talkative... I'm not sure that will work come to think of it! I tried... LOL... I can watch them a day a week and maybe practice speeding up my pace??? LMAO!!

    So happy you got the car back in good condition!!