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Friday, June 3, 2011

I just want to run away

My love, my husband is back home! Some may not know that he was mobilized with the Navy to Japan to help with Operation Tomadachi after their earthquake and tsunami.  You would think everything would be right in my world, but this morning, we discovered that our SUV was stolen.  From right in front of our house.

Yes, we've made all the reports, but how do you live somewhere for nearly 9 years and then some jerk has to steal your truck! We are now getting the insurance runaround.  I will run circles around them if they give us grief in the end!

So I want to run away.  I would love to wake up to a new start. I would love to just get carefree on my feet and think about nothing else, but breathing and posture and trying to make my short fat (yes fat!) legs move faster.  To sing along to my motivating song of the day, look for my finish line.  But such is life that I can't run away. I have to deal with what life throws at me. Stolen truck and all.

I am very lucky to be married to my husband who keeps me sane in these times.  I could be crying and a wreck, but what would that accomplish?

And when I can get my run in, I'm going to sing curse words to the thief that stole my truck. Hope you end up in jail!

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  1. Damn sucky people!! I will watch the boys if you & Jason want to have some you time anytime, you just let me know & I'm there!!