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Monday, July 11, 2011

2 minutes

Being a Navy spouse, I have been asking the hubby about physical fitness standards. I've known for a while what standards he needs to fall into, but I've been more interested lately in what standards I would need to fall into.

Firstly, the weight standard. It's obvious that I'd be considered obese.  To fit into MINIMUM STANDARDS (yes minimum) I can't weigh more than 145 pounds. Ok, that's doable, but I haven't weighted that in over 10 years.  But it gives me a goal.

2 minutes... In 2 minutes, I would have to do 13 pushups.  There's no such thing as "girl pushups". 13 just doesn't sound ominous.  And in 2 minutes? I know I can do this part!

2 minutes... Also in 2 minutes (a different 2 minutes), I would have to do 44 curl ups. Not crunches. Full out crunches like sit ups.  Also sounds entirely doable!

Now comes the probably more difficult task. Mile and half run in under 16:15. Right now, I'm lucky if I can do a mile in 16 mins!!!  Again, a goal for me.

So tonight I had my husband watch my pushups. Practice makes perfect right? I got up to 8, but he said that if they were watching me closely, I only did about 2. Two's good though, right? ;-)  Although I think I really did 8...

And the curl ups. Holy cows batman! I was able to do 24 "real" ones in the 2 mins. I can do much better at crunches.

My new one year goal is to be minimum Navy ready. I hope to do it sooner, but I think a year is a long enough stretch.  Short term at this moment, I just want to be in Onederville. Yup, I'm still not there. But I'm not ready to say how much weight I have left to get there. Luckily it's not much. Maybe I'll be ready to say it when I do get there.

Of course, these standards don't determine everyone's health. But it's something that I want to work toward on MY journey.  So in the mean time, I have to keep tracking. I'll keep doing the 100 push up challenge. Maybe I'll get there on a daily.  And I'll keep looking forward. 12 days until Warrior Dash!


  1. I think those are great goals!!! I'm an Air Force wife and just might steal your idea. Maybe it will motivate my husband to not "cram" for his fitness tests!

  2. The warrior dash is going to be awesome! And those are great goals--I might have to add them to my goals and see what I can accomplish! They sound tough!