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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Warrior Dash

So much to remember! It was A LOT of work! Can you say HILLS?  Lots and lots of hills, both up AND down. I actually was more excited about the obstacles!

Warrior Dash MN took place at Afton Alps - a ski resort. I went on Saturday the 23rd.

The first hill was right away, about 2 mins in. And I ended up walking most of it. It took about 10 minutes to walk up.  When my wave started, the announcer had told us that the fastest male at that point did the course in 24 mins. Insane!!!!  Here I was taking almost half that to get up the first hill! I think I was worried about getting tired too quickly.

Somewhere after the top, was the first obstacle: tires and junk cars. I went slowly since I've got short legs and that damn hill took a lot of energy! After the cars, it was water, which was supposed to feel like a hurricane. Then guess what came next?! HILLS!

Honestly, after this point, I can't remember what order the obstacles came in nor can I tell you the distances for running. I was hoping to make an hour, but I was not prepared for the hills. I "ran" as much as I could, telling myself that I didn't pay to WALK the stupid Warrior Dash!  I was also thinking other expletives asking myself why I had signed up for the event!  :)

Most of the obstacles were easy enough for me to do. I had an issue with one obstacle because I was only able to lift myself up and climb over three of the "bars".  You had to climb over before crawling under barbed wire. (My note to self was more upper body strength needed).  The other obstacle that I couldn't do was the Warrior Wall. It was (I swear) 20 feet tall, and there were ropes to help get up it.  I got up about 2 of the "rungs" and didn't really know how I was going to use the rope to climb up the rest, so I jumped down and went around.  This was almost at the end. Then there was lots of mud to run through, another (you guessed it!) hill, down the "water slide", jump over fire, and then the mud swamp before the finish. In the swamp you had to crawl under barbed wire, pretty much on your belly (mine wasn't that far away!), get out, and cross the finish.

My time? 1:11:00.20  Not bad, I guess, but I was really hoping for around an hour. Yes it was hot and it was HARD!

My swag included a warrior helmet -- made out of fabric, a finisher's medal, and a t-shirt.  I ended up having to buy a towel because the "showers" were water misted out of the snow making machines.   I wasn't able to get enough mud off of me.  Oh and there was a free beer!

Next year? I'm thinking yes at the moment!  It gives me goals to set for myself. There's the fitness challenge for Navy standards, but I also want to shave a bunch of time off. I want more upper body strength. I want to be able to run up hills!

My next race is one called Challenge Arthritis. It's again at Como Lake (or is it Lake Como?), and is only a 5K. Weird that I'd be saying "only a 5K".

OH! And I also signed up to run the TC Marathon 10K on Oct 1st. My longest race yet! Wish me luck!!


  1. I found your blog while looking at " A Mom's Journey Back to Me". Congratulations on the Warrior Dash. I also competed in the Dash. Those hills were killer!!!!

  2. That race sounds HARD!! Well done!! You should definitely do it again next year. And congrats on signing up for a 10k--that's a huge step!