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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Never Forgetting

Where to begin on a day that most Americans know where they were 10 years ago... September 11, 2001... yes I do remember where I was when I found out about the World Trade Center.  I was actually not in a very good place in my life. I graduated from nursing school in the spring, but had to rewrite a paper to actually "pass" and "graduate".  I had until the end of June.  I already had a job lined up contingent on my passing the NCLEX, which I took in August and failed. I didn't have a job at that point, not even a part-time job that I thought would pan out.  I actually had interviewed at the plasma center and was waiting to hear back that day.

Anyway, I was in bed, living with my ex-boyfriend at that time. My brother called me, and told me what had happened. I had no idea what he was talking about or why it even mattered. I actually went back to sleep.  When I finally was awake and turned on the tv, I saw what he was talking about. Whoa...

10 years later, I'm at Como Lake with my husband, a member of the US Navy, who also had worked one time at the Pentagon.  We had found some matching t-shirts to commemorate the date, ones that we would run in, but also have the t-shirts from the race.  The morning felt a bit warm for September.  The race was scheduled to start at 9:11a.m. There was music, special words by Gary, a moment of silence to remember those we lost.  I was feeling emotions for sure, and then there were 36 white doves released.  You know the tears came at this point.

There were so many people at this race, more than I've seen at any of the Charities Challenge races.  It was great!  The race started and Jason and I were together, but I could tell that he really was adjusting his stride to slow down with me. I told him about 2 mins in to just go ahead of me.  People were passing me as I expected, and I had a hard time finding my groove.  I wasn't sure if I was fully recovered from the bronchitis.  I made the first lap at about 20 mins and saw our friends Mike and Chiara who came to cheer us on!  I kept on going and there was a person ahead of me that I really wanted to pass.  We went back and forth for a bit and after about 2.5 miles, she really got ahead of me.  When I passed the 3 mile marker, I saw my husband coming towards me :) He was done and wanted to come and get me past the finish line! (I love this man!)  He was kind of walking fast while I was "running" and giving me words of encouragement.  He also stayed with me as I sprinted to the finish.

My official time was 44:28. Jason's was 31:51. I was aiming for under 40, but I guess my times are getting slightly better. Jason was hoping for under 30, but I"m just proud that he even did it with me!  I have things to figure out as to why I can't get under a 14min mile, but I'm not super concerned at this point.

Next race is the TC 10K on October 1st.  My goal is to just finish. I'm running for my work corporate team and not aiming for a particular time. It'll be an early race for me, but maybe that'll be a good thing.  I'm trying to do more cross-training and today I even broke out the Shred! Hours later, I'm feeling it in my arms. Gotta get back to what I was doing before and tracking daily. I know I'll get there.

And I'll never forget this 10 year anniversary of 9/11/2001 as the first race my husband ran with me.  I'm hoping for many more!

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  1. Samien, you are one of the most wonderful, positive and vibrant women I have had the chance to meet! You are SSSOOOO inspiring! I am proud of you and your challenges. I know you are proud of yourself already, but I am too!! I remember where I was on the day our world changed. My hubby ended up on a carrier off the coast of N.Y. Americans should never forget about that day, or the lives lost since that day. I commend you for sharing your thoughts and just wanted to say...Keep Up The Great Work! ~Andrea K.