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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Am I done yet? Monster Dash 5K thoughts

Being sick sucked.  And it turned out that I was pretty sick.  The headaches I had thought were migraines turned out to be from a sinus infection.  So I rested.  I didn't run for over 3 weeks.  Then Monster Dash 5K was coming up and I had to start training so that I wouldn't completely die!

I've come to realize that when I am well, I have to do some form of exercise. My body starts to fight back and  I get stiff and sore in places I forgot about hurting.  And the scaled doesn't budge... imagine that! :)

It was actually my awesome Hubby's idea to run the Monster Dash.  He wanted the swag.  Bottom line, it wasn't all about exercise.  And nice swag is always a seller!

The start of the race was a cluster of runners, walkers, dogs, kids and strollers.  Honestly not my cup of tea! I have a hard time with being cut off as I do consider myself still a new runner.  The mean side wants to come out and I could trip someone and not look back or think twice.  But I don't and I try to adjust my pace and I just keep going.  I saw a dog take a tasty tumble and I saw plenty of people running with poop bags until they got to the next trash bin (points to them for cleaning up!).  There ,were angry birds, smurfs, star wars characters, jack in the box, a refrigerator (get it? hehe), and zombies of course!

One thing I forgot to mention is that the 5K wasn't chip timed. I was slightly disappointed!  But it's a great reminder to me for why I started running in the first place, and why I made a goal of races for this year.  I think I did the race in my usual time of 44 mins, but this one might have been a bit longer.  I did have my Polar HRM on, but the time doesn't really matter now.

So now I debate how far I want to take this into 2012.  It was a good jumpstart for me for sure to race and start my healthiness journey and meet and learn from some fabulous bloggers and Fat to Fit Pack members. I'm planning on a few that really inspired me and a couple fun ones.

And winter running?  I don't know where I want to be with that. I do not like the cold at all! And I'm not sure I have any desire to run in it.  I suppose I could start out with walking and see where that takes me?  I do have a dog that needs walks.

Now I debate on a November race.  There's a Veteran's Day race that we wanted to do, but then I know quite a few people are doing a Thanksgiving Day race.  And I'm honestly just feeling lazy about the whole routine of getting ready to run a race.  I feel I'm really only able to do runs over lunch since I'm horrible about waking up early in the morning.  And now lately, I feel rushed about getting a lunchtime in and then getting back to work.  I probably have to figure out why I feel rushed now and I didn't feel so rushed before...

My biggest goal for this winter is to not gain any weight. Of course I want to keep losing it, but it may be more of a challenge to not gain any.  I want to keep exercising and making healthy choices.  And maybe I'll get to blogging more often!

What are your winter goals?  With cold and fewer hours of daylight, do you find it hard to stay motivated? I hope to hear from others and maybe get some new ideas!

And I leave you with a picture. Not the best, but it was fun nonetheless!

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