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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Body Blast Days 1 & 2 Recap

I just got done with day 2 of my Body Blast workout at my gym. Today was Tabata, and while I jokingly said it was invented by the devil, I actually enjoyed the sweat.  Before I get ahead of myself, I'll fill you in on day 1 of what I remember.  I'm sure I'm leaving out some details.

In our Body Blast group there's 6 of us, not including the trainer, Tanya. Our classes are Monday through Thursday 7:30pm - 8:00pm and Saturday morning 9:30-10 (or is it 9-9:30? I better check on that!). So it's just five sessions this week. I was kind of glad that it was only 6 of us in the group and we are all at varying fitness levels. We started off throwing a medicine ball and doing an introduction type of ice breaker. Then we mixed things up with the medicine ball while throwing it around. When Tanya said, "Stop", the person with the ball had to pick an exercise we'd do for 30 seconds. I got the ball once and was stumped. and chose push-ups.  I can imagine some of you are groaning, but honestly, as much as push-ups aren't my favorite, I dislike jumping jacks even more!  But back to the workout.

Our focus area was our core. So that meant planking, weighted sit-ups of some kind, plank jacks, prisoner squats, high knees (I really don't like these either!), and burpees. I feel like there was more, mainly because I felt it in my body throughout my work day!  There was lots of sweat and grunting. I was grunting anyhow!  But you could see that everyone there was there to DO WORK. And they wanted to be there.  

After the class I stayed to do some time on the treadmill just to feel better about my workout and get my heart rate back down. Despite forgetting my HRM, I could tell that I wasn't "in the zone".  Something I hope will improve as I continue to keep working out and losing weight.

Today was Tabata.  High intensity interval training might be a more familiar time to some. We did 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight cycles.  We had four stations where we alternated two different exercises.  I partnered up with a gal named Nicky.  Our first station was weighted abs and weighted walking lunges.  I used the 10 pounds weights, mainly because I want to be able to lift my arms tomorrow and didn't think 25 pounds would be wise this early in the game. 

Next station was pushing a weighted bag across the floor and weighted jump rope.  How I feel about high knees, is how I feel about jump roping. I'm not sure if it has something to do with having birthed two children or if it's just the whole jumping thing.  Regardless, it was work. 

Third station, I'm going to describe it as wide high knees and wide plank.  I can't remember what Tanya called it, but basically it was high knees with a step aerobic platform between your legs.  Then on a different platform doing a plank with hands alternating up and down on both sides of the platform.  Remember, 20 seconds, then 10 seconds rest, eight cycles.

Final station, medicine ball work. Medicine ball slams against the floor and ball jacks. (Sidenote, these balls stink!)  I got the 12 pound ball. Throwing it against the floor would be an awesome way to get rid of any frustration. Then the ball jacks was holding the ball above my head and doing the jacks with legs.  

After all that... we STILL weren't done!  One minute planks, rest, suicide sprints, repeat.  I think we only did two cycles of those.  PHEW!  

I remembered my HRM tonight. I was running about 180 bpm and after that 30 mins, I had burned 289 calories!!  I was feeling tired, but feeling good.  Good enough to hop on a treadmill and walk/run a mile stretching it out for 20 minutes so that my HR would go down.  With that, I burned 188 calories!!  

Two days of Body Blast... I'm feeling good, and I'm going back for more tomorrow!  Tomorrow will be kettlebells.  I can't wait since I do have a set at home, and I really want to use them safely!  But what do I think about it so far?  It's definitely a good class and I'm reminded how strong I can be, but also that I have learning to do.  I believe I can do a lot, but I'm still limited in some ways by my weight.  And I want to keep getting past these limitations whether they be physically or mentally.  

Stay tuned for more Body Blast updates!

Monday, July 23, 2012

In For 10 Miles

Last week we went on a little family vacation with family friends. It was the hubby and the two boys and I. We went to Star Lake Camp where I spent many a summer during my teen years. We stayed at the family camp side and we were the only two families there the week. There's nothing like the sounds of nature and kids playing to put me in a good mood.
Entrance to camp

We hiked, swam, canoed, kayaked, boated, star gazed, and cooked over an open fire. All the activity helped me lose 2.6 pounds! I can't complain one bit!  I feel like I'm getting myself back on track again. :)  And when working out doesn't feel like work, that's the best part!

Before going on vacation, I ran The Color Run. It was so much fun!!  It was a 5K race and so hot!  It wasn't timed, but my watch says I completed it in under an hour.  It was so much fun to see other Fat2Fit Pack members! I thought everyone truly had a good time!  Who wouldn't with all that color?


Today I got some great news! I had entered into the Twin Cities 10 Miler during Twin Cities Marathon Weekend, and my "team" was chosen!  We're not racing together as a team, but with the way the lottery worked, either all of us or none of us would be chosen to run. I'm so super excited!

So what does this mean?  I now have 10 weeks to accomplish training for 10 miles.  The race is on Sunday October 7th.  I know I can do it, I just may not be very fast, which makes me nervous.  I was not as fast as I wanted to be when I ran the 10K, even though it turned out that I had a raging sinus infection.  But negative thoughts aside, I have a goal!

Tonight at my gym, I have my first session of Body Blast class. I'm hoping that this will jumpstart my body even more into losing fat and gaining muscles. I haven't done pole class in about 3 weeks and at this point, I can't afford the next session. Hopefully this fall I'll be able to.  So I'm counting on continued gym visits to keep myself active and in check for training.  I know I'll have have to add more mileage week by week.  I also have to keep tracking the food I'm eating. I remind myself that weight loss is 75-80% dependent upon the food you eat, not just the exercise.

I'm planning on blogging again soon after these Body Blast classes!  Maybe I'll surprise us and it'll be tomorrow!

What fun things have you done that didn't feel like working out, but were actually good for your body?  I'd love to hear some responses!