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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Body Blast 3, 4, & 5

I'll try not to make this a super super long post, but I have some catching up to do!  Life has been super busy  since last week.

Body Blast class 3 was kettle bells. I knew I'd get a workout, especially from Tanya.  She doesn't fool around.  We did everything with the kettle bells -- swings, squats, abs, rows, lunges... I feel comfortable now using the kettle bells that I have at home, though I will definitely have to work much more on my form.  My back was sore for a few days after.  Side steps while swinging the kettle bell was not pretty. I need to work on coordination!  That night I burned 303 calories. Remember that this class is only 30 minutes long. I was ecstatic!

Body Blast class 4 was circuit work.  We used the TRX suspensions, gym ropes, kettle bells and the 4th station was different depending on the cycle we were on.  It was my first time using the TRX and I was a little unsure of myself.  Having done pole dancing/fitness, I wasn't completely confident that they could support my weight.  But of course, I was fine.  Throughout the workout, Tanya had us doing jumps, lunges, reaches, burpees, planks and more.  My memory is a bit fuzzy as it was a week ago that we had that 4th class.  I forgot my HRM for this class and don't know what my total calorie burn was, but I know I was pouring sweat and tired.

Our last Body Blast class was on Saturday morning at 9am.  It was kickboxing, and again, it wasn't easy.  I've done kickboxing moves before, but not in succession like we were doing.  Punching was much easier than kicking.  Balance was not in my favor that day.  I thought I had good balance, but I now know it's something I will definitely need to work on.  And the coordination aspect of punching and kicking.  I had to say the moves out loud so I'd know what I was supposed to be doing!  "Cross punch, upper cut, round house"... I sure needed to focus!  This wasn't my favorite, only because it wasn't easy for me.  I know easy doesn't get results though!

Would I do Body Blast again?  Absolutely!  Rumor has it there will be a class the last full week of August.  Maybe some more people will join this time!!

I made a big decision after taking these classes.  I decided I need to have some personal training sessions for at least a month, before the 10K on September 1st.  I like having the quicker, intense workouts and I don't think that I'll get to my goal on my own, at least at this point.  Sure I can go to the gym and hop on the treadmill, the bike, the elliptical, do some weight machines... but I know I need more than that to push myself to do better. And I'm still learning.

It's hard for me to remember that point, that I'm learning.  A person doesn't get to be unhealthy and out of shape without learning a few bad habits.  I'm slowly learning what my body is capable of and how to get back to healthy.

Next up, more focus on adding mileage to finish my 10K faster than last year and some sessions with none other than Tanya :)


  1. Samien, I am so proud of you. It is such hard work and your very inspiring. I need to find my strength through you. Keep posting! Truly you are an amazing women. Good luck in your journey into a new beginning.
    Sheryl Morton

  2. I see the signs and think about joining but nope, not gonna do it! LOL!! You have courage in spades for doing it and if you do it again then ROCK ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF!! I'll cheer ya on from the bike or treadmill if I see ya:-)