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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tired does not equal hungry

I'm tired these days. Waking up and leaving the house by 5am to get to the gym is something new for me and I'm easing into it.  It makes for a really long day.  Really long.

Tuesday was a 5am gym day and when I got home from work, I thought I was hungry.  It was dinnertime and I had eaten a rather early lunch with no snack in the afternoon.  So as I start making dinner for the kids, they grabbed a bag of chips that we normally wouldn't have in the house.  I really wanted a handful of chips. Did I NEED them?  Absolutely not, but man they sounded really good... That greasy, salty bbq flavor that turns your fingers a reddish orangey color that you have to lick off your fingers. I didn't have any, and instead made my dinner. I knew I was more than tired and still getting used to being up by 5am. I was rightfully tired, but I wasn't starving.  Tired does not equal hungry.  I had to repeat that to myself.

Saying no to unhealthy snacks outside of my calories is hard, but it's not a huge struggle. I know there will be days where I feel differently. My kids don't quite get that I'm consistently eating a different meal than they are.  The other day the question was why can't I have anything from the restaurant we stopped at.  They've seen me on the commercial so they know that I'm trying something.  Hopefully they will notice the changes soon and really understand what I'm doing.  My coworkers are trying to not push the treats issue either. Sure I want a piece of cake, but I also don't want to derail what I've already begun. There will be more cake in the future.  I love good cake, especially ice cream cake! :)

I'm getting better at exploring the reasons why I think I want to eat. The boredom seems to be more apparent on the weekends and I try to keep us busy to avoid that.  These meals seem to keep me pretty full which is a great thing when I would graze some days on what we kept in the house.

Learning about food triggers is such an important step for me and really for anyone!  But it's such a process when you're also in the mindset that "one won't hurt anything" or "I'll make it up."  There's always a good excuse, right?

I'm going to keep up the morning workouts as much as I can fit in and keep reminding myself that tired does not equal hungry.  These days it's less about trying to be Supermom and getting to bed when I know I am tired.

What I read this week at the gym was Consequences by Aleatha Romig.  You can find my review on Goodreads.  I've been listening to a lot of Maroon 5 and Pink to get ready for the concerts I'm going to next month.  Can't wait to buy a smaller sized outfit for that! :)


  1. I constantly have to remind myself that tired and bored do not = hungry, so you are no alone in that! Chips have always been my vice to. I miss them lol. I will super roast fibrous veggies like string beans, carrots, asparagus, etc and salt and season them and that helps. You are doing awesome lady xoxoxo

    1. I love all your support! You are also doing awesome <3 I love roasted veggies too!