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Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a difference: Week 2 down

The other day I was a bit frustrated. I weighed myself knowing a week hadn't passed yet. I had also started the 2000 calories plan with Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating and thought I could make my own decisions on not eating the whole thing. I was wrong. The scale didn't move. Luckily it didn't move up.  Pity party anyone?

I had to tell myself I was being silly. The scale isn't the only measure of success. Yes in this contest the person who loses the highest percentage is the winner, but they will have to work for it too.  I was not going to let it ruin my day.  Luckily I have awesome supportive friends who are prepared to kick me in the butt and give me pep talks when I need them. 

I remembered this picture of myself taken a while ago when I was about to start my journey. I knew I was overweight and this picture was proof. So I made a "before and after" collage, as a lot of people do, to remind me how far I've come.

I am a work in progress.  This collage reminds me of that.  Right now, I am fortunate to have Seattle Sutton's meals and to not have to think and plan.  With the higher calories, I had to do that.  I had to decide how much to not eat because eating 2000 calories, I am not going to lose weight.  Maybe others can be successful on that plan, but it was too hard for me.

Yes, I lost eight pounds the first week and I felt great!  And I *know* that eight pounds is a big loss for anyone.  I know this.  But when you lose so much weight, you want it to keep going.  And I had to remind myself that my body might not want to lose the weight just yet.  I'm still learning. 

Monday when I pick up my meals, I'll be back to the 1200 calorie plan which worked for me the first week. I'm excited to start that again and keep up the workouts and lose more weight.  Stay tuned...

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