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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Heading Into Week 6: First official weigh in

***Disclaimer: I am not compensated for my blogging experience during this contest.  Everything I choose to write is my own experience.***

Yesterday was our first weigh in.  You can see the results here. In five weeks, I've lost 14.8 pounds which translates into 7.1984% of my contest starting weight.  I am so ecstatic about these results!  And I have to say that I'm also excited for my fellow contestants.

At the weigh in, which is held at a local TV studio, there was quite the buzz of excitement.  Our first visit at the start of the contest, I think you could feel the nervousness radiating off of all of us.  You definitely could from me!  But yesterday, you could hear people talking to each other even though we were supposed to be a little quieter while the camera was recording.  I missed a lot of the weigh ins because I had to use the restroom first, but was ready to jump on the scale when I got there.  I have been weighing myself at home, but not every contestant has been.  When I stepped on that scale, I was so happy to see the loss reflected in the numbers.  As I stepped off, one of the guys yelled, "Someone's been working out!"  I had to come back with, "Half marathon training!"

Then I had to get on camera and answer some questions the producer asked me.  I was nervous about that! I'm not sure why, but it was hard to maintain the eye contact I needed to with him.  GAH!  It's still kinda crazy that I'm on tv and in commercials and people call me "famous".  I guess there are worse things to be famous for!

My weight loss puts me in fourth place.  The top two are men (which I think is expected) and then there's Tunisha in third.  I'm behind by less than 1%!!

The numbers can really REALLY mess with my mind.  Today I was thinking over what I've lost in the last month, but I forget what I've lost overall!  I'm down about 30 pounds!!!  I really need to focus on the total number, whether I win the grand prize or not.  As cheesy as this sounds, I KNOW I'm already winning.

I haven't been taking food pics lately, and I guess I need to get back at it.  The food continues to be so tasty!! This week we're back to the meals that we had the first week we were in the contest.  Today for lunch I was excited to have a salad.  Yes, a salad.  We actually don't have a lot of salads in our meals and that's probably a crazy concept for a lot of people.  Cuz eating healthy equals salads, right??  I love eating salads, but I am learning about the salads that I was eating before and portions.  Portion sizes are SO important!

And here I sit, watching The Biggest Loser, and it always makes me tear up because I know the same struggles they are going through.  I have to make the choice every day to only eat the food already prepared for me.  And I have to choose to go to the gym and get a good calorie burn.  I make the choice to go to my training sessions and to work hard at those sessions, even though I've been a whiner lately.  And now I have to make the choice on how I'm going to step it up.

This Saturday is Race #2, the Get Lucky 7K and I'm so pumped to run it!  It'll be my 3rd year running it and my goal is to finish in under an hour.  I'll let you know in my next post!

My reading list this week was three books by Katie Ashley, The Proposition; The Proposal; and The Party.  By Abbi Glines, Never Too Far.  I'm now reading an ARC and the latest episode of Blank Slate by Tiffany A Snow.  My music has been mainly Justin Timberlake and Pink.  Pink concert is on March 19th and I cannnot wait to go with my bestie Suzie!

Make good choices you guys.  It makes all the difference.


  1. You go girl! You are doing awesome!! :)

    Good luck in the race this weekend..

  2. What an inspiration!!!!! Girl you can do this!!!!! So proud of you!!!! it is not easy. It is easy to start but it is hard to stay on that bandwagon!!!!!!! Cindie Kouame (Vollmers)