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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Race 2 of 2013: Get Lucky 7K

Get Lucky 7K 2013
***Before I start recapping my race, I want to give a shout out to a very inspiring person I passed after the 5K mark.  I don't know your name, and I'm certain that I've seen you at races in the past.  This woman inspired me to push harder when my legs were feeling tired.  I could feel the cold and my glutes were also having issues as well as my arms. This woman was doing the race despite having orthotics and using canes on both her arms.  My experience would tell me that she had cerebral palsy, but whatever her diagnosis, she did not give up!!  She wasn't the fastest, but she was moving and she was working her way to cross the finish line.  I had to tell her she was doing great as I ran past her because hearing those words myself make a difference.  I honestly kinda got choked up because whatever fatigue I was feeling, I knew I could push past it to cross the finish in my goal time of an hour.  And I did.  So thank you for inspiring me to do my very best at the end when I could have easily let myself slow down.  Had I slowed down, I know I would not have done my very best.  I'm not sure that you would ever read this, but I will not forget the rest of the race because you inspired me.***

The race started at 9am, and at 8:45am I was still sitting in traffic on Washington Ave trying to get to my parking ramp!  Remind me next year about this, okay?  So I finally got my gear checked and stood in the street by 9am.  There really aren't any corrals since there were about 6500 people running the race.  It was around 20 degrees F.  And I waited and waited... and waited some more.  I tried wiggling and bouncing about to keep my legs warm and loose.  I was dressed in sporty thermals, long pants, my shin compression sleeves, ankle socks, sports bra, long sleeve wicking tee, t-shirt, half zip fleece, gloves, a head band to cover my ears and my green sparkly headband in my pic.  I debated taking off my fleece, but I remembered how cold I was during the 10 miler.  My biggest fear was slipping on ice and injuring my hip flexor again.  I really appreciate how they send us off in waves so that we're not so bunched up together and knocking elbows.  Especially on a day like today with cold and ice and snow.

I finally got past the start line and the chip timer at about 9:41am.  At least, according to my Polar RS100 (I like this one for races.  It's easy to hit my lap time and know my pace.)  I should also mention that many of the elite athletes were done running at this point.  I'm sure all of them were!  Amazing!  But anyway, things were pretty sloppy and then suddenly rounding the 2nd bend there was ice.  Make that, snow covered ice.  Most of the people around me slowed down.  I saw a couple people slide, but I didn't see anyone fall.  Did I mention I was nervous about my hip?  This area was not a place for speed.

When I hit the bridge the 1K flag was up and I remembered they don't use mile markers for this race. Crap! There goes my math skills and trying to figure out my MILEAGE pace.  Oh well.  At this point I can pretty much visualize the rest of the course.  I knew we'd hit another bend and run on bricks and then up an incline and the water stop would be around there.  The brick was also hard to run on and I did walk a little bit again.  When we finally passed the 3K flag, I tried to gauge it as a halfway point.  I seemed to be making good time.  The incline up the bridge to the water stop kinda sucked considering I was a bit sweaty and cold.  When I got to the water stop I popped a Clif Shot gel pack.  Yes, the timing seemed off, but I did it.  I did feel more energized after and maybe it was the water and just getting closer to the finish.

Rounding another bend and past the 4K flag I saw the other "landmark" that I think of and it's another bridge and incline.  I tried really hard to run up most of this, but did have to walk for a few seconds.  I also looked at my watch and saw that I had about 13 mins left to my goal of one hour.  I started thinking about whether or not I'd actually make it.  The 5K flag was at the end of the bridge and another turn heading towards the finish.

At this point we run along the river and under some of the bridges, and I could feel the cold air had almost pooled in those spots.  I was really glad I had kept my fleece on.

When I looked at my watch and saw 58 mins on it, I really tried to run faster.  I was trying to gauge the distance and thought about my intervals on the treadmill.  All I could do was go for it.  I passed walkers, other runners passed me, but when I hit the chip mat and pressed stop on my watch, the time was a few seconds over one hour.  HOLY CRAP!  I was a few seconds off, but I finished in an hour!!

My official time was 1:00:37.  I still can't believe how much faster I can run with the weight I've lost and the strength training.  And how much better I feel after a race.  I'm a bit sore and will keep stretching.

After getting my medal, the first thing I heard was, "That was fun!"  I agree and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Here is my Get Lucky 7K playlist:
"Big Pimpin'/Papercut" by Jay-Z and Linkin Park
"Block Rockin Beats" Turn It Around Remix (I got this off some workout remix)
"Bluegrass Stain'd" by Mark Ronson
"Bout To Get Ugly" by Mark Ronson
"Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry
"Ooh Wee" by Mark Ronson
"Symphony of Destruction (2004 Digital Remaster) by Megadeath
"Never Wanted to Dance" by Mindless Self Indulgence
'Lights Out" by Mindless Self Indulgence
"Just Like a Pill" by P!nk
"Stupid Girls" by P!nk
"So What" by P!nk
"Party in the USA" by Cardio Workout Crew album
"Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People
"Otis" by Jay-Z and Kanye West
"Yeah" by Usher
"Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne
"Fuck You" by Cee-Lo Green
"No Competition" by Common
"Without Me" by Eminem
"Lose Yourself" by Eminem
"Shake That" by Eminem
"Welcome To the Jungle" Remix by 2011 The Workout Heroes
"Waking up in Vegas" Cardio Workout Crew album


  1. What a great inspiring post to read. I'm so looking forward to hitting the race route next Sunday with you!

  2. That's awesome - So proud of you!