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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Race 3 of 2013

Irish Run Saint Paul 8K

I ran the Irish Run Saint Paul 8K on Sunday March 24th with some people from work.  One of the women from our Wellness group, Tonya, did a lot of organizing and a small group of us got together to run the 8K.  It's a distance I'm comfortable with and fit into my training schedule.  Ummm... holy crap!  Holy fast! And I had my first encounter with cheaters.  Yeah, I'm talking about the two women who cut across the way at about the quarter mile mark.  Did you really gain that much time?

My goal for this race was to come under 1:10.  I started out going at a good pace. It was colder than I expected and didn't have on any thermals.  I was going at a good pace so I thought.  For you locals, the race was along Summit Ave.  As I ran behind these cheaters, they turned around before the 2 mile mark and had these big smiles on their faces and were waving at their friend behind me who didn't cheat.  I was pretty mad at the smiles they had.  With great timing, the song, "Jumpdafuckup" by Soulfly came on.  I dug in and picked up my pace.  I was trying to focus less on the cheaters and just getting through what I had to do myself.  

About the 2 and a half mile mark, is when I saw the Elite runners come past me.  Turns out, I was running in the USATF MN 8K Championships!  Good job on research for me!  Hahahaha!

I kept on going and I noticed my thighs and my glutes were really starting to get cold.  By the 3 mile mark, I saw that I had made my average lately of around 40 mins.  I really didn't know how many people were behind me and how many people all together were running the race.  I felt good as I was running and just wanted to finish.

Around the 4 mile mark, snow flakes started falling.  Just a few sparse ones, but it definitely gave me an idea for what the temperature was and I really wanted to hurry up and finish.  I could at least see two runners ahead of me so I wasn't entirely alone on the course.

As I came into the home stretch, I saw Tonya waiting at the finish.  I pushed my little legs into as much of a tired sprint as I could.  I finished in 1:07:36 which was a PR for me!  I even beat my Get Lucky 7K time from the previous week!!  Woot woot!

Race 3 was now in the books.  I'm not sure if I'll run the 8K again, given that there were so many fast runners and it wasn't a fun run for me.  Maybe if I pick up speed by next year.  At the same time, I'm over running in the cold and snow.  I'm anxiously awaiting spring warm weather even if it means I have to dodge puddles and mud.  So much easier than the ice and snow!

While I was running, I was thinking about whether or not I could manage to go faster and not injure myself.  I wonder sometimes if I'm so used to being at the back of the pack, that mentally, I don't know how to make myself go faster to really compete.  Granted in this race it was an entirely different ball game, but it's something I know I'll be thinking about as I continue to half marathon train.  I'll be starting week 3 now of a 15 week program and so far it's been going well.

Here's my playlist that got me through this race.  I do take note of what my friends listen to and often download their suggestions.  I did skip a few songs when I just didn't feel right.  Until next time...

"Fight Song" ~ Good Charlotte
"Call It What You Want" ~ Foster the People
"Miss You" ~ Foster the People
"Remember the Name" ~ Fort Minor
"Head Like a Hole" ~ Nine Inch Nails
"Last Resort" ~ Papa Roach
"Searching" ~ Pennywise
"Jumpdafuckup" ~ Soulfly
"Sine Language (VonUKUF's JALV Party Remix" ~ The Crystal Method featuring LMFAO
"Walking Like A" ~ Trick Daddy
"From Da Back" ~ Three 6 Mafia
"Somebody To Love" ~ Usher featuring Justin Bieber
"DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" ~ Usher featuring Pitbull
"Rehab" ~ Amy Winehouse
"Looking Up" ~ A Hero A Fake
"Fireflies" ~ Cardio Workout Crew
"3" ~ Cardio Workout Crew

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