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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Weigh-in, Measurements, and PowerSox winner

Life happened and I didn't get this post out yesterday like I had planned.  So much has been happening lately!  This post might just be a lot of ramblings, so bear with me. :)

On Monday the 15th, we had a weigh in for Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating.  I weighed in at 181.6 lbs.  I know each scale is different so I'm not sweating this at all.  That's 24 pounds lost in 10 weeks, a total of 11.67% of my starting weight.  That puts me in 5th place, and again among women I'm 2nd.

This week in training, we did new measurements. Here is the comparison from last time to now.

Assessment 3/1313               Assessment 4/18/13
Weight: 189                          Weight: 178
Body Fat: 35.3%              Body Fat: 30%
Neck: 14.00                          Neck: 13.25
Bicep: 15.25                          Bicep: 13.50
Chest: 38.00                        Chest: 38.00
Waist: 35.50                         Waist: 33.50
Hips: 46.50                           Hips: 44.00
Thigh: 26.50                         Thigh: 25.00
Calf: 17.00                            Calf: 16.75

Ummm... did you see the body fat percentage drop?  That's in 5 weeks.  Holy ____ (use your own expletive here)!!  I went from a Poor rating with body fat to a Fair rating.  I'm not completely sure what all that means, ratings wise, but I'm getting better, which makes me happy.  My diet hasn't changed (obviously) but I have been hitting it harder at the gym and running outside with the half marathon training.  I'm hoping to get faster.  I can see the changes in my body and it's definitely time to buy new clothes.  I can't wait for that!  I bought a goal dress in a size medium, thinking it would fit me in the summer.  Surprise! It fits now!

And the last thing..... the PowerSox winner is LoHo!!! Thanks for making a comment and being a new subscriber! :)
Remember, celebrate the Non Scale Victories!  My next post will have news about Race 4 of 2013.


  1. Wahoo! Congrats!!! 5% body fat? Unreal! Way to go. :) Carolyn

  2. Those are some AWESOME STATS, woman! Nice work. You inspire me and I hope you keep on writing, because I need the motivation! ;) I'm super excited to take the giveaway PowerSox for a cruise sometime soon. Thanks for the opportunity to try out some new gear!