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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fitness book review ~ You Can Have It All: Fitness Edition by Nadia Murdock

***I was given the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review.***

Nadia Murdock found out that I have written book reviews and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing her fitness book You Can Have It All: Fitness Edition. Firstly, I have never reviewed a fitness book before, but I've read several including those written by certain TV fitness trainers.  Thanks for reading my first fitness book review.

So what's this book all about? Here's what Nadia has to say about it.

I recently published my eBook "You Can Have It All: Fitness Edition" !!!! This edition features advice from experts such as Bob Harper of “The Biggest Loser” and Alyeca Ungaro of “Real Pilates”. With motivational quotes, how-to steps, and advice on identifying ways to overcome obstacles, you are well on your way to a better you. Chapters include:

Workouts for All Fitness Levels
Working Out at Home
Don’t Like the Gym? Get Over it!
Not Your Regular Workout
Work Out Your Mind and Body (Yoga and Pilates)

I have always been passionate about fitness and after experiencing my own dramatic fluctuations in weight loss and gain I wanted to share the ways fitness has become an important part of my life. Later this year the Nutrition and Fashion/Beauty editions of You Can Have It All will be released!

What did I think?

For starters, Nadia herself has had to lose weight and can speak from her own experience. I think this book is great for someone who is just starting out on their health and fitness journey and for those who are in a rut.  There were some tips even for someone who is further along on their journey.  I learned about new exercise programs like the Roller Derby Workout and DVD's out there and where to get information on them.

She also included some simple basic exercises like overhead press with leg lift, and squats with rotation.  I think some more visuals would have been beneficial though so anyone unfamiliar could get a better idea of what the exercise looked like.  There were also references to things such as interval training workouts and what websites have good ones to check out.  I did like how she included both working out at home and working out at the gym.  I'm mostly a gym rat unless I'm running, but I know others aren't as comfortable in the gym.

The last chapter was interviews with trainers.  For me it was interesting to read if they told me anything different from my own personal trainer.  I found that the info was the same.

What did I think overall?

I think it's a good book as far as fitness books go.  It didn't blow me out of the water, and it definitely didn't make me think that no one should waste their money on it.  It was somewhere in the middle.  I do think it is a book that I'm more likely to reference in the future compared to some of the other fitness books I own.  It should be noted that this book is specifically about fitness.  There were not chapters on healthy eating.  So if anyone is looking for that, they would need to supplement this information.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is starting out.

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