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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Protein Review - provided by Vitacost

***Disclaimer: I was given a sample of Vitacost product in exchange for an honest review***

I'll be honest that I don't know much about supplementing with extra protein, or really much about supplements in general.  I can tell you that I jumped at the chance to sample and review some proteins by Vitacost from their new ARO line.  I blame my blogging sister Joanna who got me into a special bloggers group to do some product reviews.  Be aware that this is the first of a couple of posts.

I received two flavors of the whey protein, Vanilla and Chocolate.  I also got the Vanilla casein.  There are tons of  websites out there with information on supplementing with protein.  Definitely do your research and talk to people. I spoke with trainers and nutritionists to get their input on whether or not I should take extra protein or not.  Ultimately, it was/is my decision.

This is what I can tell you about the proteins:

  • Flavor: Both the flavors are really good!  I switch back and forth between the two.  Sometimes I prefer the chocolate one in the morning with my breakfast.  It all depends on what kind of morning I'm having if I have a shake with breakfast or not.  Neither are too sweet. 
  • Whey vs. Casein:  I've been taught that whey is shorter acting and casein is longer acting.  Many people prefer to take their casein at night before bedtime.  Now, I have not tried other brands of casein, but I found the consistency of the casein to be gritty.  I tried to mix it in a smoothie and it was not really good that way either.  I will drink it at night, but I have to not think about the consistency.  The whey is definitely my preference of the two.
  • Cost:  I compared to other brands and these are reasonably priced both in stores and on line.  

Final verdict --- I'd use this product again.  I didn't find anything that would turn me off from being a return customer.  Granted, I did get all the products for free, but I would hesitate to try a new product in the same price range.  I know what I'm getting from this brand right here.

Here are the product links below:

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